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A course signed by architect Robert Trent Jones Sr


  • Golf de Chamonix
  • Golf de Chamonix
  • Golf de Chamonix
  • Golf de Chamonix
  • Golf de Chamonix

Hole n°1


PAR 4 / HCP 3



  • 368
  • 362
  • 344
  • 334
  • 320

Level « expert »

The tee off strongly conditions the second move here. You have to control the depth, because the torrent blocks the fairway, but keep the distance so as not to have too long a club on the second shot. Another story of good depth on the attack on the green: too long and the putts, or even the chips, will be downhill and sloping, too short and it's the water. If the flag is in the left 1/3 of the green, leave yourself a margin to the right otherwise you will end up in the bunker and have a downhill exit. The average score of this hole in the championship is greater than 5.

Level « Bogey to Double bogey player » 

Negotiate your start so that you can pass the water hazard on the second shot without presuming to hit the green. The strategy of getting onto the green in 3 shots (see 4) avoids many disasters. It’s a complicated hole that must be approached with a lot of humility. It is best to attack the green with a high ball so that it stays on the green. Otherwise, you will find it behind and will have to play a difficult downhill approach.

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